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“Make everyone involved happy”

To grow with community and society is one of the important missions of ours as a company.

Arigato! Kizuna Project

We have been raising money for victims of the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. Along the way we have had strong supports from our customers.
As the result of support activities, each of our staff members also got to have “seeds of joy” in their hearts. Now that we wanted to grow the seeds to “trees of Joy”.

So in 2012, to expanded the support activities to the next level, we started “Arigato! Kizuna Project” at all our locations and raised money through “D’STATION Charity Foundation”. With the foundation we also use the money for “community development”, “social welfare” and “sports promotion”. You can check the monthly state of the foundation and activities by our advertisement in Jomo Shinbun, posters at our locations and our website.

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Community Development

Reconstruction support for the Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami victims, “Charity Donation”

In the hope of quick recovery and reconstruction from the disaster, we have raised money to support the victims from April to December 2011. We donated all the raised money to them.

  • From our customers
    (donated at each of our NEXUS group locations):
    1,967,045 yen
  • From NEXUS group sales:
    116,318,304 yen
    * The donation was given to Japan Red Cross and other support organization on January 10th in 2012.

Disaster Relief Agreement with Japan Red Cross Flying Surgical Team

We have concluded the disaster relief agreement with Japan Reg Cross ’s flying surgical team Gunma.

Under the agreement, we will let them use our rooftop space of NEXUS headquarter and other locations as a landing field for their helicopters. We will also let them use the buildings as their support base and storage for supporting goods. We will fully back up their support/rescue activities during a disaster for community safety.

Community Cleanup Activities

Once a month we clean up surrounding areas of D’STATION locations.

Through this cleanup activity we believe that we can contribute to local communities. So the continuation of this activity is really important for us as a company.
Every Tuesday morning, we also cleanup the surroundings of NEXUS headquarter as a local cleaning service.

Our Environmental Activities

Acquisition of ISO14001 (Environmental Management System)

We were the first in the industry to obtain ISO 14001 certification in Kanto area. ISO is the environmental international standards which aim to minimize the impact of economic activities on environment and raise awareness of global environmental issues and the importance of sustainability.

33 locations of D’STATION, 2 of ZIMA and the NEXUS headquarter obtained the ISO certification. We strive to obtain it for our future locations.

Energy-Saving Hall Management

We introduced LED lights and sunlight panels to all of our locations considering the environment.
One by one, our locations are becoming “Eco-friendly Hall” which consumes less electricity.