NEXUS, for true entertainment and bonds between people


NEXUS group will continue to contribute to people’s happy lives by strengthening the bonds between people, providing places to come together and helping their dreams come true as the company name represents so.

Community Development

NEXUS Futsal Festival

Since 2007 we have been sponsoring and hosting “NEXUS Futsal Festival U-12” to strengthen bonds between people (NEXUS) via futsal. This festival is aimed for the school children teams in Gunma.

This festival is held and managed by our freshman employees every Spring.

Hosted by: NEXUS Futsal Festival Committee
Sponsored by: Gunma TV, Jomo Shinbun

Shimada Ryoiku Center “WaiWai Matsuri”

Since 2012 we have been participating in this summer festival “WaiWai Matsuri” held by Shimada Ryoiku Center, the facility for handicapped people in Tama Tokyo. as one of the member companies of Shimada Ryoiku Center Supporters.

For WaiWai Matsuri, we donate toys including Jumbo Pachinko, Pop-up Pirate game, Water balloons and Jumbo Quoits and have fun events with a portrait painter, chindon’ya parade and fireworks.

Hosted by: Shimada Ryoiku Center Supporters

“Midori no Kizuna Restoration Project” Volunteers

The Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami which occurred on March 11th 2011 and the following aftershocks were severe natural disaster and put so many people in the tough living conditions.

Right after the disaster happened, Tokyo/Kanto office of Nichiyukyo, a general incorporated association, invited volunteers from its member companies to help removing debris, reconstructing the forestry and fishery business and restoring seaside protection forest. As a company we will continue to send volunteer staffs.

Organized by: Nichiyukyo

Hiroshi Aoshima’s At Home Concert ~Christmas Present~

Every Christmas, we sponsor “Hiroshi Aoshima’s At Home Concert” programed by composer, pianist and conductor Hiroshi Arishima at Gunma Music Center in Takasaki.

Every year we invite 2000 people to the concert and have so many applications for the seats. Everyone enjoys the classic music played by Gunma Symphony Oorchestra conducted by Mr. Aoshima.
This annual concert was originally started for people to enjoy classic music played by the local first-class orchestra for Christmas.Mr. Aoshima intelligibly explains each classic pieces with a sense of humor and it is applauded by audiences every year.

Presented by: Jomo Shinbun
Sponsored by: NEXUS Co., Ltd.

Gunma Grifin Cycling School (Wheeler School)

As a community service project, Gunma Grifin Racing Team (Maebashi Gunma) holds the cycling school and traffic safety class for kids. Through the event they teach cycling techniques to kids and explain traffic safety guidelines with a picture show.

The wheeler school course gives kids basic cycling skills such as keeping going straight and advanced skills such as how to make a sharp turn and putting a foot on the ground at a stop sign which kids tend to be careless about. With this special wheeler course kids can enjoy learning cycling techniques.

Hosted by: Gunma Grifin Racing Team and NEXUS Co., Ltd.