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How to play

How to play Pachinko

(1)Pachinko is very easy and exciting game for everyone!

Please come to D’STATION and enjoy!

(2)First you choose a game machine.

We have a variety of game machines based on Japanese animation, idols, TV dramas, movies and so on.

(3)There are 3 main types of Pachinko

・”Novice Mode”
For Beginners and Light players

・”Intermediate Mode”
For Middle-level players

・”Advanced Mode”
For Advanced-level players

(4)Once you choose a machine, insert money into it.

*Only bills can be used. No coins.

(5)After inserting money, push the “Tamakashi” button.

It will fill up with balls as much as you pay.

Now you are ready to play!

*The location of the “Tamakashi” button may vary depending on machine types. If you cannot find the button, please feel free to ask our staffs.

(6)Grab the wheel at the bottom right with your hand and twist it to the right to shoot the balls.

Ball shooting speed can be adjusted by how much you twist the wheel.

(7)Aim the balls to jump into the “Start Chakka” hole in the center of the machine.

Once the balls get into the hole, the numbers and characters will spin to tell you that the game has started.

(8)When you get the same characters or numbers in line, that means you are in winning mode.

While you are in winning mode, the “Attacker” hole opens up which is closed otherwise. Aim the balls into the “Attacker” to win.

*Depending on machine types, wining ratio and how the game goes will vary.
That’s why Pachinko is so exciting!

(9)While you are in wining mode, you get more and more balls.

You store your balls in the box underneath the machine.

*Pachinko is a really thrilling game where you try to get into winning mode to get more balls.
If you are not in winning mode, you just keep losing your balls.

(10)When the box becomes full with balls, push the “CALL” button to call a staff. The staff will give you another box.

*Use the “CALL” button whenever you need a help.

Our staff will come and help you.

(11)After you are done, call our staff over.

The staff will count your balls with a special counting machine.

After counting the balls, the staff will give you a receipt indicating the number of balls you collected.

Take the receipt to the prize counter.

(12)At the prize counter we have drinks, foods, groceries, toys and etc.

*You can get a series of prizes that correspond to the number of balls you won indicated on your receipt.

If you are not sure what prize you could receive, please feel free to ask our staff.