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Amusement『 D’STATION・Super D’STATION 』

D’STATION “The place you can enjoy from the bottom of your heart”

Comfortable and Clean with a range of friendly services for every customers.

Each of D’STATION locations strives to be the best in its area. In order to accomplish that goal, we make sure that the scale of our branch and services are on point to deliver excitement to all of our customers.
We are making sure that out halls are much clearer and comfortable for our female customers. Also, we are always considering the importance of community development.

  • Main Counter
     We are always ready to support our customers. Please feel free to ask us for any help.

  • Prizes Counter
     The line up of prizes will vary at each location. We also have seasonal offers.

  • AED
     All staffs are trained on AED and PUSH handling program at each location

Everything about it is “Super”. Super D’STATION has over 1000 game machines. The amenities, the level of comfort and the services are all “Super”.
The same as D’STATION, each machine has partitions to protect privacy. We also have a smoking area so that the entire hall is smoke free. We provide a range of excellent services to our customers.

  • The Hall Environment
     The interior of each location is different so that customers will be excited to get into each of them. More than anything, comfort and easiness is our first priority.

  • Partitions
     We were the first to put partitions between game machines to protect privacy and separate areas for smokers and non-smokers by having a smoking room which now has become a standard.

  • Smoking Room
     Each location has a different type of smoking room. To correspond to the social demand, we separate areas for smokers and non-smokers for their comfort.

  • Relaxing Space
     We have tons of comics and magazines in the wide relaxing space. Relaxing space is also separated for smokers and non-smokers.

  • Restaurant
     We serve Japanese food, don (bowl), pasta and lunch plates at the very reasonable prices. It is not only delicious but also safe.

  • Refreshing Shower
     Please feel fee to use the refreshing shower (air) room before you leave. It will take off smells of cigarette smokes from your cloths.

Feel Close to Us

We welcome our customers with smiles!

We have service helpers

「Our service helpers are happy to help our customers and always keep eyes on them to quickly respond to their needs and requests.

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